Under Counter Beverage Center Buyers Guide

Getting an Under Counter Beverage Center is not a difficult task. Walk into any premium store and you would be spoilt with a wide array of options to choose from. However, that does not imply that you are getting your money worth. You ought to have a basic knowledge of the features to look for in a beverage center. Also, there are a few factors to consider whilst choosing your product like price, maintenance, and exterior designs. In this article, we will be making sure that you are better equipped to choose the best possible beverage center as per your needs.

Why Should You Get An Under Counter Beverage Center?

Under Counter Beverage Centers have all the benefits of a conventional beverage center. However, they take up significantly less space than a conventional refrigerator. They are hidden inside a counter and their height ranges from 25 to 30 inches. Since their production started not long ago, they are a good fit for a modern kitchen. Such fridges are also eco-friendly and are energy-star certified. Preferring them over a normal refrigerator can greatly cut down your power bills. However, like all good products, they are a tad expensive.

The Features of an Under Counter Beverage Center:

  1. Dual Zone Temperature– Dual-zone temperature is used for maintaining different temperatures in different compartments. This is useful when you need to store wines and other carbonated beverages together. Both items are best stored at different temperatures.
  2. Door Lock– They help in keeping minors away from alcohols. In the case of outdoor refrigerators, they are absolutely vital. These can be opened with a key.
  3. LED-Lighting– LEDs last longer and give much better lighting and efficiency compared to standard lighting systems.
  4. Reversible Door– Gives convenience by allowing you to change the way the door swings open. Thereby you can adjust the appliance such that it doesn’t ram against a wall or cabinet.
  5. Temperature Control– Temperature control helps in easy maintenance of optimal temperature conditions.

Factors To Consider:

  1. The Type-Freestanding vs Built-in- Freestanding refrigerators are quite versatile and can be placed anywhere you, please. They have the condenser on the back and are slightly noisier. However, they should not be placed between cabinets as the hot air from the compressor would damage the cooler. They do not maintain a constant temperature. Built-in refrigerators are equipped with static condensers and can be placed between cabinets and under countertops. They vent air from the compressor in the front, thus keeping it cool.
  2. Location-Indoor vs Outdoor-The conventional Beverage Center is designed for indoor use. The outdoor ones are made sturdier as they have to experience temperature variations. They are constructed from stainless steel and have doors with triple-pane glass. The outdoor beverage center is a must when you need to entertain guests. They can be great additions to pool parties or backyard events.
  3. Cool Down Time-An aspect you are bound to overlook when purchasing an under-counter beverage center. The lesser the cooldown time, the better. In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, where you are at work at 4 and is having a party at 5, rapid cooling systems are a must. There’s not much better feeling than enjoying your beverage, fresh and cold. Also, quick cooling does a great job in preventing bacterial growth and keeping the food safe.
  4. Capacity-When purchasing any sort of Beverage Center, this is the defining factor. Generally under counter refrigerators are not big appliances. However, they ought to have space to stock up a sufficient number of beer bottles or beverage cans. Things to be considered include, the number of sub-containers to store different kinds of drinks, and whether it can hold tall wine bottles. Look to buy a beverage center with a width of 24 inches and a height of around 33 inches and you’ll be fine. Freestanding beverage centers would require a bit more space as the hot air needs to be dispelled properly.  
  5. Stability of Temperature-Contrary to popular belief, the temperature of an under counter refrigerator need not remain constant. In fact, the temperature can fluctuate by 10 to 15-degree Celsius. This arises mainly due to the cooling technology in use and also due to the cabinet design. Minimizing the temperature variance is crucial to keeping your beverages in good condition.
  6. Efficiency and Maintenance-Quality products always deliver peak performance without compromising on efficiency and energy misuse. Customers are always on the lookout to reduce to reduce the running costs and hence options like Eco Mode, Vacation Mode come as a boon to them. If possible choose to buy Beverage Centers with energy star rating as they can seriously reduce your power bills.
  7. Design and Finish-Undercounter models come in a variety of aesthetics. The common layouts include a glass framed door in a stainless steel or black finish although this can vary depending on the customer’s decision. The choice should be made depending on how well it goes together with your decor. Some beverage centers store in racks while others have adjustable shelves. An aluminum finish really increases the life-span of the product.
  8. Budget-Undercounter beverage centers are available for as low as 200 dollars. The premium products cost more and are priced in the range of 800-1000 dollars. The storage capacity is what really decides the price of the product. Additional features like Zonal Temperatures add up to the total cost. The final decision should be made considering your budget and the needed. requirements


Final Words:

Under counter, beverage centers/refrigerators are the future of refrigeration. They can save a lot of space and offers the benefits of modern technology. In this article, we have provided you with a basic know-how on what to look for in under counter beverage center. However, if you prefer a fridge with big storage space and are coming from a family with a lot of members, then you should stick with the conventional fridges.

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